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Product 8

Beauty Leg 4.0

Product 7


Product 6

Cold & Hot Beauty Massager

Product 1

Hi-Space White



So comfortable you can sleep in it! Fits nicely in my living room. Nothing beats a Hiro massage chair while watching movies or tv series at home.We will buy again so that we can watch movies together while enjoying the massage

Mr. and Mrs. Soriano from Meycuayan Bulacan


It was very good at relieving tired back muscles, especially lower back.At highest setting, it was a very strong massage and ticklish for the soles... but by end of session, my aching feet was totally loosened up.... super!

Dr. Javier of Alicia Isabela


Just bought Hiro HiSoar 2.0 Massage Chair recently. So far, I'm quite satisfied with it. Why did I bought it? Well, because I always had backache problem. Every time I go to traditional massage, 2 times a month. Now, I can enjoy massage anytime I like, and my back is getting better. True, traditional massage is better and can't be replaced by machine...but the chair is always there when you need it at anytime, so don't need to disturb your wife if you feel like to have back massage in early morning hours.( but u still need them for front massage ) My parents who are living with me are also enjoying the massage chair...and so is my wife (I can happily retired from becoming her masseur now ). Thus, the Hiro HiSoar 2.0 Massage Chair can be enjoyed with everybody in the family at time convenience compared if u go to traditional massage. And I feel that my quality of life is getting better also. So my point is..some people spend their money on car accessories, home entertainment, golf set, IT gadgets, etc. So there's nothing wrong to spent it for a massage chair that could pampered your body and took away all the stress that you brought home from your work everyday. Just my 2 cents to share...

Dr. Jose Eduardo Duya